Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry

DVD - 2016
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Feb 24, 2019

If you are into F P S games or action flics then you will like this.

Nov 20, 2018

It's funny - they keep trying to say that it's so "revolutionary", and "it's never been done before", etc. Well, it's been done in about ten thousand video games, and the reason that nobody's actually done a movie out of it? This movie is the reason. It sucks. It's kinda fun for about 2 minutes, then the schtick gets old and you just want to watch another movie. You'll be lucky if you can finish this stinker. It's pretty much dead on arrival.

Nov 15, 2018

Probably one of the dumbest movies ever made.

Jan 25, 2018

Should have been better!

Aug 29, 2017

I really shouldn't comment on this movie, I'm obviously not the target audience. Young people, maybe 16 to 25, might enjoy this because it feels like a video game. I watched because I'm a bit of a fan of Haley Bennett and Tim Roth. I had to skim through the last half, I just got tired of the non-stop violence and action and I missed having a story and plot, if there was ever any. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy action movies too, big fan of World War Z, the Jason Bourne series, the entire Alien series etc. But they come with a story and a plot. This movie is not my kind of movie.

Aug 21, 2017

My only comment when it was over - "What was that?" Cool first person perspective, crazy non-stop action, and weird plot. Well, kind of a plot. They didn't bother explaining much, but I'm assuming at least the writer knew the plot. Absolutely no explanation why the real world setting included a boss bad guy who was stronger with the Force than Darth Vader, though.

Jul 10, 2017

Fast moving, realistic blood and guts from an unusual visual perspective. Great for hyped-up caffeine-addled gamers.

ArapahoeTiegan Jul 05, 2017

This movie feels like watching a very violent and bloody video game. Very interesting concept, but definitely has a pretty niche audience.

May 19, 2017

The movie had very little storyline and no character development, not surprising since all the characters are 2-dimensional. A bit like playing a super violent video game without any of the interactive fun. In the end you feel like you've been a passive observer to a car crash followed by a hit-and-run followed by a drive-by shooting followed by a...get the picture? Endless, senseless violence with nothing to show for it.

May 03, 2017

Filmed in the first person perspective, extremely violent and somewhat gory. This movie is not for everyone. Every aspect of this movie feels like a video game, and the story moves like the viewer is playing a first person perspective shooter (FPS). It begins with a short introduction, then moves along with Harry fighting a precession of bad guys, then a tougher "boss" character, before additional story elements are given and the setting changes to a new "level". It reminds me of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie in that sense. Despite the fact that the movie was shot and written to be a live action video game, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to fans of FPS games. I enjoyed this movie because of its impressive action sequences. The game perspective is more of a novelty. Action junkies will enjoy this movie most of all.

Apr 13, 2017

This film could use a little bit of backstory, even just one sentences.
Why or how does the bad guy have superpowers?
Other than that major unanswered question of plot the rest of the movie is okay.

Apr 10, 2017

I shut this off maybe halfway through, even after starting to watch it by fast-forwarding it for a very long time. There seems to be a trend of newer movies such as this, being shot with a handheld shaky camera, from the POV (point of view) of the main character, as if this was a First-person shooter video game. This sucks. Could have been great due to the good acting and action/effects.

Mar 25, 2017

Hardcore was uber violent but a hoot. I am neither youthful nor a gamer but I do use a GoPro camera when I ski and cycle, so I was used to the format. Not any more over-the-top than a Quentin Tarantino flick, I found it original and action packed.

Feb 12, 2017

If your idea of fun is a migraine headache then this is the film for you. I cannot imagine how this steaming pile ever got a green light for production. It is simply impossible to watch. The camera never stops shaking. The pov gimmick wears out in four minutes. I can see this film having a military use to extract information from prisoners of war, but that would be too cruel.

Feb 01, 2017

It felt like I was playing a game. None stop action that is vertigo-inducing but fun to watch! A real blast!

Dec 02, 2016

This is basically like watching a friend play a video game and he is the shooter. It's terrible as far as having a story line, and it's just bloody gore from start to finish as the main character moves though the scenes endlessly killing people while you sit and watch it all through his eyes.

I guess if you're into first person shooter type video games you would find this interesting, but it wasn't a movie I would want in my collection. And it definitely isn't a movie you want to show to children. I'll still give it a couple stars because it's interesting and unique, but it's not a film that would attract a wide audience.

It should be rated at least 16+ because of the violence.

Nov 29, 2016

Many good action and stunt works. However, not everyone can handle the first-person view experience for the length of the movie, especially with a lot of running around and fighting 360 degree.
Check out the special feature "Fan Club" to learn some "behind-the-scene" to appreciate the effort putting into making this movie.

Nov 16, 2016

I was quite absorbed with this film. Very violent, but I'm not an impressionable youngster. I'm not a "gamer", either, so I felt the first person POV perspective/seeing the world throughout the entire film through Henry's eyes was very cool. And I was never certain who his friends were. Bad guys around every corner.

Nov 07, 2016

I love first person shooter games but NOT in a movie...ridiculous format and just too hard to follow..I guess its a preference thing so I cant say my rating of 1 star is valid for everyone...use your own judgement but be warned

Nov 04, 2016

I LOVE THIS MOVIE but for borrowing not worth the time

Oct 30, 2016

Didn't finish it. Not worth the time.

Oct 24, 2016

Ultra-violent action film from a first person shooter perspective. Sharlto Copley is fun to watch as he pops up in multiple roles throughout the movie. You may want to view this with an empty stomach as the non-stop POV action and graphic scenes may cause you to lose your lunch.

Oct 04, 2016

If you are into first-person shoot-them-up type video game, this film is for you. Because that's all there is to it. Very bloody and with a high body count, this film's plot is paper thin. The sole use of a helmet-mounted camera makes your head spin.

Oct 03, 2016


Oct 03, 2016

An English language but Russian made and produced action movie that is mostly a straight up first person shooter video game turned into a film. Or is it a film turned into a FPS video game? You have to give credit for the technical side of filming with a GoPro camera and choreographing the non stop action sequences. The only downside is the spinning camera angles may cause nausea inducing motion sickness after a while and I am glad I didn't watch this in the theater.

The other nausea inducing part is the pornographic level of sadistic ultraviolence and nonstop murder and dismemberment. Maybe it is too much and too over the top that it becauses numbing as opposed to balletic which the makers were probably hoping for. If there is one saving grace it is Sharlto Copley being a hoot playing numerous characters in the movie.

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