The Last Girl
The Last Girl My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State By Murad, Nadia Book - 2017

The courage and Love it took for Nadia to share this most personal, horrific, saddening and enraging story is humbling and Inspiring, to say the least. At times this book was excruciating and disheartening to read and I had to remind myself to breathe and so I reverted to listening to the audiobook while out in Nature, in order to maintain my equilibrium. It definitely kept me in the zone of Gratitude for my own Life and the benevolent gift it has been! This ugly tragedy and the numerous others of its elk need to be told repeatedly until we all find the wherewithal to put an end to rape and sexual exploitation, and not just witness it as a 'lamentable incident happening over there' in the ruthless games of war that men choose to play. I would have liked the third part of the biography to have a more focused and in-depth look at her time moving to Germany and what her experience was like and how that, in turn, grew into her Activism and ultimately winning the Nobel Prize. Nonetheless, this is mandatory reading, not only from a personal and humanitarian perspective but from a political one.

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